Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Home Evening

Going to church yesterday was very good for our social life. We sat with Brody's Aunt Shauna and Uncle John who introduced us to a few of the young married couples in the ward. They were quick to welcome us into the ward and their circle of friends by inviting us to Family Home Evening with them. It was fun to be forced to socialize a little and get to know some of the people in our ward. Okay, so we weren't forced, but we also met some of our neighbors who live in the Sky Pointe community. Our next step is to actually invite some people over to our house for random movie nights or dinner or ice cream or something. Lucky for us, they keep their family home evening lessons short enough that we can get home to bed, or rather, home so Brody can take his ambien and get a good night's sleep!


The land of Vegas said...

Glad to see that getting married hasn't left you inactive. (J/K) It makes a big difference when you have people in your same point in life.

Kindermusik with Celeste said...

Jennie! What's up? Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi. Congratulations on the recent "I Dos." Hope married life is treating you well...welcome to the club! Thanks for the nice comments on Logan's blog. Glad all is well with you, Take care!