Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Calendar Update

I know I've been a slacker about posting on my blog (thanks for the reminder, Tiffany) so I figured that I would continue slacking on my household chores that need to be done oh-so badly and stay on the computer a little longer. This morning I slept in and cuddled with Hazel and then, while she slept some more, I made some pictures to go in her calendar. Yesterday my monkey and I went to Mesquite to hang out with Shanna and get our fill of the Golden Girls and Dairy Queen, so I took her calendar and filled it in with all her exciting activities and "firsts" that are happening to her. The picture spots have been left blank and I figured I needed to also keep up with those so I don't have an empty calendar on her first birthday. I've been known to do things like that...

The first spot for a picture of her Birth Day. This is my absolute favorite. She's so beautiful and looks very content.

Her birth announcement with a picture of her when she was one week old. Can she really be 8 weeks old already!? There wasn't a spot for her baby announcement, but I put it on here anyway. :o)

I have two little frames hanging on the wall with her handprint and footprint on it. There is also spot for them on her calendar. I was lucky enough to get a very good handprint and footprint before she turned one (haha) and couldn't remember how tiny she was. I love how tiny she was. She's now the size of a newborn and I can't imagine having to birth a baby her size out of me! I got lucky.

For her one month picture, I decided to incorporate the family pictures we had taken. She, of course, is the focal point of this one, and definitely the focal point in our lives. She continues to be such a good baby and I love, love, love her smiles! She sticks her tongue out and if you do it back to her, she will smile and try to talk.

I heart her.