Sunday, August 29, 2010

More pictures of Hazel

So I spent most of my time "blogging" fixing up my blog and making sure I had everyone's blog addresses correct. Some people went to private blogs and I still need to move them to the Private Blog section, but then I decided I should scrapbook Hazel's 13 and 14 month old pages.

Every month since she's been born, I have taken a picture on or around the 19th. If all I do is scrapbook those pictures on one 4x6 page, I feel successful. Lindsay has caught up on her 2009 scrapbook (except for one event). I think I am still in February or March and here it is August 2010. Oops. Anyway, I print the pictures out at home on our printer and put them in a photo album. I think it will be so fun to look through it and see how she changes over the years. I hope to do this with all of my kids.

Well, here they are:

Isn't she freaking adorable?? Well, I think so. And so does her Daddy. Brody is oh, so proud of her for now signing Daddy. She will only sign Mommy on my face. Silly girl.

The other fun thing that happened this last week was my 9th annual piano recital. NINTH!! I didn't do a recital the first year I was teaching and I started teaching again in February of 2000, so I have been teaching for over a decade! Way to make me feel old... Oh, well. They did a fabulous job, as they always do and are so brave to conquer their fears and stage fright and perform for everyone. I haven't scrapbooked a page for them yet, but I will. For now, here are the students who performed, minus one who showed up after everyone left, one who was out of town and one who is an adult and doesn't like to do recitals. She's the ONLY one I let slide on learning a song and performing. :o)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

I really want another baby. Heck, I always want babies. Lucky for me (since we are not pregnant and not planning on being anytime soon), other people have had or will soon have a baby for me to hold and cuddle. Much to my husband's dismay, holding other babies does not squelch my baby fever - it just feeds into it. However, I know that now is not the right time. So...

Congratulations to my cousin, Shanna, who had a little boy on July 21st. Jackson is so adorable. There were some scary moments in the delivery, but baby and mom are okay so that is such a blessing. He was only an ounce bigger than my little monkey and holding him makes me miss my tiny newborn. I got to spend a couple of days at Shanna's trying to help her out. She wouldn't go take a nap while I watched the kids, but she did get a few other things done. Most of all, it was nice to visit with her and spend a couple of relaxing days hanging out.

Congratulations to my sister-in-law who finally had her baby boys on August 6th. Jen and Jeff spent a looooooong time (and a lot of money) to get those boys here. We are grateful that Jeff is healthy and Jen made it through her pregnancy. The boys are so tiny and had a couple of problems, but went home at six days old. I am so excited to be their Friday sitter when Jen goes back to work.

I have so many other friends and family who are pregnant. Let's see if I can remember them all: Jess & Austin, JuliAnn & Jumbo, Linda & David, Becky & Mike, Chelsea & Jordan, Janae & Tyler, Kelly (from Bunco) & her husband (sorry, I forgot his name)... Yeah. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone.

I have been trying to get back into scrapbooking. I have a few projects in the works. My most recent finished project was a book Lindsay and I made for our parents for Mother's and Father's Day. It was fun and they loved it. I can't divulge some of my projects right now, but I will when they're finished. Lindsay and I have decided that we will have an SSS (Sister Scrapbooking Session) once a month. Kaeli is our adopted sister if our schedules allow us all to "get together" on our computers and gmail and talk and scrapbook together.

Hazel is just as cute as ever. She is also busy, busy, busy! She has started giving us dirty looks sometimes. We just laugh cuz it's funny. She loves her grandparents and we are so lucky to have all of them here in Vegas. It's always great when my parents stop by and Hazel just wants them. It gives me a chance to do a few things without being interrupted. Usually we just have her help us do whatever we're doing (vacuuming, taking out the trash, picking up toys or shoes, etc), but it takes three times as long. She's still a happy little snot and she's making lots of friends at church.

Brody is excited to be the Priest Advisor in Young Mens. We had dinner with all of the YM leaders and their wives on Friday and it was great getting to know people. Brody wants to take his truck and go camping! He is very anxious to get the campouts started.

As for me, I still haven't started all of the projects I had hoped to finish before school started again. Where the heck did the summer go?? We have had fun. Lots of swimming and tv and hanging out with our families. And lots of work around the house! Somehow I have to continue to get all of these things done while starting up at the middle school accompanying for the choirs. But I have a super cute, helpful husband at my house to help me and put up with me, so I am definitely one lucky girl.

It is a few hours past my bedtime and the fact that I haven't been taking advantage of Hazel not only sleeping through the night, but sleeping in quite late into the morning is really quite puzzling to me. Oh, well. I can now cross the last important thing off my list for the week and get ready to tackle my new list!

Good night.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I don't have a lot of time and I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I got tired and lazy. So sue me! Just kidding. Don't. Because if you do, you won't get anything. Seriously.

I found the last post where I put a picture up of Hazelbum and it was her 2 month picture! So starting at 3 months, here are the latest pictures I've done of Hazel every month...

I love her. The end.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did you miss me?

I know, I know... It's been a while. I've been such a slacker. This summer has been a cross between relaxing and sleeping because I have time and trying to get the house cleaned and organized because I don't have much time till school starts and I'll be working like crazy again! Summer is half over and I finally feel like I'm starting to catch up.
Just to update a little... Our beautiful daughter, Hazelbum, turned one on June 19th and is walking and talking and still as cute and smart as ever. It has been so much fun going through all the different stages in her short life thus far. Brody and I have enjoyed every moment.
Brody has been out of work for 4 months. It has been a difficult transition, but a good one. We have learned to do without a lot, which also helps us spend more time together. Occasionally Brody gets an invite to go golfing with his step-dad or friend and they are generous enough to foot the bill. Brody has been able to spend a lot of time with Hazel and he is just wonderful with her.
Even though she loves doing things with her daddy, Hazel is still a tad clingy to her mother. That's ok because I really, really like her. I am still teaching piano and loving it. My annual recital is coming up next month and that is always exciting for me. It is a reminder that I am actually making a difference and helping my students learn music. I am trying to keep up with being organized as well as catch up on some other things. Once Brody goes back to work, it will still be just as hectic since we'll have to drop Hazel off and pick her. Although I am glad she has been able to spend so much time with her dad, I'd rather have my husband be the main breadwinner of the family. I know he misses working, especially when I find things for him to do around the house.
We recently met some friends on Twitter through a mutual friend we share. Last night we went to see Love Shack at the Suncoast and danced and danced. It was a fun date (thanks Andrew for taking care of your niece!), although we didn't get home until after one. It is always nice to meet new people who are as awesome as we are. Haha. I enjoyed seeing my husband get down on the dance floor. For someone who doesn't like dancing (and has a bad back to boot), he really loves me because he danced until he was dripping sweat.
Speaking of his bad back... Brody is going in for his 5th epidural on Thursday. We are really hoping that this last longer than the last one. He is so amazing and tries to be happy and helpful even though he's in a lot of pain most of the time. I couldn't have married anyone better.
Well, that's all for now. I'm kind of rambling. If there is something you want updated on, let me know. Otherwise you're just going to get what goes through my mind when I sit down to blog. My goal is every Sunday. If I do it, I can cross it off my weekly list. And I LOVE crossing things off my list!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

At least once a month

Is that a good goal? I should at least get on here once a month and give an update so you know we're still hanging in there, especially with a little monkey who is growing so fast and has hit so many milestones. If I was as good as Stacey, I would be updating all the time. I am jealous of her ability to post so much and get so much done and now have books to pass on as a legacy of her family! One day I will be as amazing as she!

Back to my monkey... She will be 9 months old next week! My little Hazelbum. She is still such a joy to be around. Don't yell at me. I'm on the laptop and don't have any pictures on here. We are also "getting" a new computer. By "getting" I mean, "fixing up the old one so it works right and we have more room." It's taking a while, but it will be a sigh of relief when it is done and I can get back to scrapbooking.

So, anyway... Back to Hazelbum. You will just have to imagine how cute she has become until I can get some pictures up. She is getting her 9 month pictures taken next week and as soon as I get them, I will have to post some. Of course, if you are friends with me on facebook, you will see some of them there.

Hazel is crawling all over the place and pulling herself up to a stand. She is still the happiest baby I have ever known and adapts to pretty much any situation. She sleeps anywhere if she's tired. She lets me know when she's hungry or ready for a nap or wants something. She loves loves loves to talk (wonder where she got that from since neither one of her parents is a chatterbox...) and her favorite toy is one of the little monkeys her Nana got her.

She loves to go for rides in her stroller and giggles when we go really fast. She loves her dogs and chases them around the house. Her latest discovery is the doorstops that make a silly noise when she pulls on them. She has her two bottom teeth (which has made nursing interesting again). Her mother is pretty anal about what she eats so she's still on breastmilk and Gerber 2nd foods. She also gets puffs and the occasional (very occasional) taste of soft serve yogurt.

She is excited to go shopping for a fancy dress to wear as Audrey's flower girl in May. It would be great if she could walk around, but we'll see if she hits that milestone by 11 months. Either way, she will be rocking a beautiful flower on her head. She has hair, but not much. I still "glue" a bow on her head, but we are transitioning to the latest fashion - crocheted headbands with big flowers. So cute.

Any other questions? I am tired and can't think of anything else to share. So ask and ye (might) receive.

I should have been in bed at 905, five minutes after Hazel decided she was tired. Sometimes she's up till 10 or 11, but she didn't get to spend a lot of time napping today so she was plum tuckered out. Why I didn't take advantage of the fact that she went to bed early is beyond me. Sigh. I did get the office/piano section of the big room vacuumed today and the dishwasher unloaded. That's a big feat these days seeing as how I don't really get anything done after work. By the time I get home, I get to spend a few minutes with my hubby and baby and then I'm ready for bed. I am really going to pay for this tomorrow.

Oh, well. Kaeli, you better be happy I updated. Finally. One day I won't be so lame at this.