Sunday, August 29, 2010

More pictures of Hazel

So I spent most of my time "blogging" fixing up my blog and making sure I had everyone's blog addresses correct. Some people went to private blogs and I still need to move them to the Private Blog section, but then I decided I should scrapbook Hazel's 13 and 14 month old pages.

Every month since she's been born, I have taken a picture on or around the 19th. If all I do is scrapbook those pictures on one 4x6 page, I feel successful. Lindsay has caught up on her 2009 scrapbook (except for one event). I think I am still in February or March and here it is August 2010. Oops. Anyway, I print the pictures out at home on our printer and put them in a photo album. I think it will be so fun to look through it and see how she changes over the years. I hope to do this with all of my kids.

Well, here they are:

Isn't she freaking adorable?? Well, I think so. And so does her Daddy. Brody is oh, so proud of her for now signing Daddy. She will only sign Mommy on my face. Silly girl.

The other fun thing that happened this last week was my 9th annual piano recital. NINTH!! I didn't do a recital the first year I was teaching and I started teaching again in February of 2000, so I have been teaching for over a decade! Way to make me feel old... Oh, well. They did a fabulous job, as they always do and are so brave to conquer their fears and stage fright and perform for everyone. I haven't scrapbooked a page for them yet, but I will. For now, here are the students who performed, minus one who showed up after everyone left, one who was out of town and one who is an adult and doesn't like to do recitals. She's the ONLY one I let slide on learning a song and performing. :o)

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Lindsay Driscoll said...

My niece is adorable. I love her. And you.

Yay to you for keeping up with your blogging and the monthly pictures of Hazel. I may be almost done with 2009, but I don't have the cute monthly pages of Cooper like you do for Hazel!


Cooper wanted to comment on your blog too. :)